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Supply Chain

From pick up in China, India, Europe, Asia and the US. For ocean or air freight service worldwide. We will enhance your view of information within your supply chain. We understand information is power.


We will place your products in any city you need to according to your distribution model. LA, Chicago, New York, New Jersey, Houston, Dallas. We will help you analyze your warehousing needs to recommend improved and cost saving solutions.

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Depending on your clients and who they are, we will customize our services for you for delivery to the final mile for production, Just In Time deliveries and to distribution centers for big box stores by truckload, LTL and Intermodal

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Whether you need packaging, fulfillment, trade show deliveries, domestic air freight, Free Trade Zone warehouse or you are a new China supplier, My Logistics Office for domestic billing and services will help you become successful with distribution as we are prepared to handle it all for you.

About Us

Experience and Technology
Information is power. We link you to your Supply Chain thru web technology

Common Questions: What is the ETA of that important container coming into port? Has the container cleared customs? How do I find the best price for transportation services? How do I select the most on-time delivery? Where is my shipment now? Has it been delivered to the destination? Where is my Proof of Delivery? Quick Answers: IDL will provide access for sharing information from warehouse to customer service to customer billing at the control of your mouse. We have it all at your fingertips with reporting that you can pass on to between internal departments. Both you and your customer know when it is delivered.

  • Information and guidance to help your company improve transportation efficiencies and profitability.

  • Tailored transportation services based on your company's changing needs.

  • Committed to personal and responsive service.

this is What we do

We save you time and money with our on-time services, reporting and web portals for supply chain information

Ocean and International Air Freight

Fast service with door to door delivery with web portal tracking information
We will pick up your ocean container or air freight shipment at your manufacturer’s location and deliver it anywhere in the world for you. We will tell you where it is with our web portal services.

Warehousing and Fulfillment

Warehousing and fulfillment worldwide for dry or refrigerated products
Need a warehouse in China to inspect and QC your freight before it is containerized? We can do that. Let us set you up with domestic storage and distribution services where it makes sense for your client’s last mile delivery.

Transportation Services

Truckload, LTL, Air Freight, Ground and Express
No matter the mode of transportation, we cover it all including long haul trucks, flat beds, air freight, large and small package programs. Our pricing based on your volume.

Other Services

My Logistics Office
We provide Free Trade Zone warehousing, as well as, back office administration for your billing and logistics. We will analyze your supply chain shipments anywhere in the U.S. or the world. Let us help you save your company time and money through our consulting services,

What is supply chain?

Each company's needs below have a life line within their Supply Chain that requires timley information and committed service.